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Coordinates: 59°00′N 25°00′E / 59.000°N 25.000°E / 59.000; 25.000 Kreis Jerwen (Kreis Weissenstein, Järva kreis, Paide kreis, Йервенский уезд, Вейсенштейнский уезд) was one of the four subdivisions of the Governorate of Estonia of the Russian Empire.[1] It was situated in the central part of the governorate (in present-day northern Estonia). Its capital was Paide (Weissenstein). The territory of Kreis Jerwen corresponds to most of the present-day Järva County and small parts of Lääne-Viru and Rapla counties.[2]


At the time of the Russian Empire Census of 1897, Kreis Jerwen had a population of 52,673. Of these, 96.7% spoke Estonian, 2.2% German, 0.8% Russian, 0.1% Yiddish and 0.1% Latvian as their native language.[3]