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Kris Kosach is an American television host and radio personality, producer and writer. She is best known for her work as one of the first VJs on MTV2[1] and as a Music Host for TechTV. She has also hosted multiple shows for Travel Channel.


Kosach began her career in radio, working at Alternative Rock stations (KRZQ, KGDE, KPNT, et al) before being recruited as one of the first VJs to launch the all-music network MTV2, then known simply as M2. Kosach hosted daily sample blocks of M2's eclectic playlists on parent network MTV as part of a crossover event. She also hosted Viacom's first attempt at video streaming.

Following MTV, Kosach returned to California where she hosted the music technology series AudioFile for TechTV. The show took her around the world, and throughout the United States covering music, artists, piracy, digital distribution, the Grammy Awards, and the evolution of the music industry through the digital age, earning an Emmy nomination along the way. While at TechTV, Kris created an early podcast called 'AudioFile AirWav' at the dawn of the iTunes platform.

In 2004, she left TechTV to host Travel Gear for Travel Channel where she reviewed recreational gear and consumer electronics while participating in extreme sports such as skydiving, caving and flying fighter jets. Concurrently, Kosach created the first blog for Discovery. In 2016 Kosach returned to her roots presenting music to audiences. She lives with her family in Los Angeles.


Kosach is married to television executive Alex Wellen.[2]


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