Kuldeep Pawar

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Kuldeep Pawar
Born 10 June 1949
Died 24 March 2014
Nationality Indian
Other names KP, Dady.
Occupation Actor/Producer
Spouse(s) Nilima
Children Aishwarya & Samrudha
Parent(s) Shantadevi & Vasantrao A Pawar

Kuldeep Pawar (also spelled Kuldip) was an actor in the Marathi language film industry of India. He was born in Kolhapur in Maharashtra. His grandfather worked for electric power house started by His Highness Shahu Maharaj and his father acted in small rolls in Marathi films. Kuldeep studied in St.Xavier school and Rajaram College in Kolhapur. Later he moved to Bombay( now Mumbai )where he was given chance by Marathi drama director Prabhakar Panshikar to act in Marathi drama Ethe Oshalala Mrutyu as character of Sambhaji.His key films include Jhaatyache Jaale, Darodekhor, Bin Kamacha Navra, Shapit, Are Sansar Sansar, Sarja, Ekapeksha Ek, Vajir, Gupchup Gupchup', 'Vedh' and Shrinath Mhaskobacha Changabhala. He also acted in famous TV serial "Tu Tu Main Main" directed by Sachin, and "Paramveer".[1] A versatile actor, Pawar was one of the few actors who managed a perfect balance between comic and negative roles in Marathi theatre, films and tele serials.Kuldeep had worked in a play titled 'Rakheli' in which he had played a character called 'Daddy'. Since then the industry people address him by the same name.[2]

He died on 24 March 2014 due to kidney failure in Kokilaben hospital at Mumbai.[3] He is survived by his two children and wife Nilima, also a theatre person.[4]

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