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Kulla may refer to:

  • Kulla (god), god of builders in the Mesopotamian mythology. He is responsible for the creation of bricks, and as a Babylonian god, restores temples.
  • Kulla, Estonia, village in Halliste Parish, Viljandi County, Estonia
  • Kulla, Gurdaspur, Indian village in the Batala sub-district of Punjab
  • Kulla, Amritsar, Indian village in the Patti sub-district of Punjab
  • Kulla, Madhya Pradesh, Indian village in the Banda sub-district of Sagar district
  • Kulla Habibpur, Indian village in the Etah sub-district of Uttar Pradesh
  • a sub-caste of the Mangrio tribe of Sindh and Rajasthan
  • Tower houses in the Balkans, tower houses built in the Balkans
  • Kulla- noun; also known as "Kulangot" in Philippines, booger when translated in english.