Kulothunga Chola II

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Kulothunga Chola II
இரண்டாம் குலோத்துங்க சோழன்
Kulthunga Chola II
Chola territories c. 1150 CE
Reign c. 1133 – c. 1150 CE
Predecessor Vikrama Chola
Successor Rajaraja Chola II
Died 1150 CE
Queen Tyagavalli
Issue Rajaraja Chola II
Father Vikrama Chola

Kulothunga Chola II was a 12th-century king of the Chola Dynasty of the Tamil people of South India. He succeeded his father Vikrama Chola to the throne in 1135 CE. Vikrama Chola made Kulothunga his heir apparent and coregent in 1133 CE, so the inscriptions of Kulothunga II count his reign from 1133 CE.

Kulothunga II reigned over a period of general peace and good governance. There is no record of any warfare except for the reduction of Chola control over the conquered Eastern Chalukyas territories, which had been won by his father.Kulothunga II was also a strong oppressor of vaishnavas and. tried to kill Ramanuja and forget out the eye of his disciple koorathazhwar.

Kulothunga II appears to have been popular as evidenced by Sekkizhar's work Periya Puranam.

Patron of Chidambaram[edit]

Chidambaram is one of those five places where Chola princes were invested with the crown. Kulothunga was a great devotee of the Chidambaram Temple to Lord Shiva in that city, and he celebrated his coronation there. He also financed an elaborate renovation of the temple. The poem Kulothunga Cholan Ula describes in the work carried out. It is possible that this renovation work was a continuation of work started by Vikrama Chola.

Chidambaram Temple as seen in 1913.

Personal life and family[edit]

Kulothunga II preferred to live in Chidambaram rather than the royal capital at Gangaikonda Cholapuram.

Of the various titles had, Anapaya was perhaps his favourite. It is found in his inscriptions as well in the poetic tribute Kulothunga Cholan Ula. He was also called Tirunirruchola.

Kulothunga II was succeeded by Rajaraja Chola II in 1150 CE.

Preceded by
Vikrama Chola
1133–1150 CE
Succeeded by
Rajaraja Chola II


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