Kumari Radha

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Kumari Radha
Kumari Radha
Born (1936-09-07)September 7, 1936
Jiwachpur (Supaul, Bihar) India
Died March 21, 2002(2002-03-21)
Occupation Government Service: Social Organizer (Labor Department)
Nationality Indian

Kumari Radha (1936–2002) (Hindi : कुमारी राधा) was a well known Hindi and Magahi (मगही; मगधी) poet.

Birth and family[edit]

Kumari Radha was born on 7 September 1936 in Jiwachpur village, Supaul Bihar. She was the second daughter in a family of 5 children. Her father, Dr. Lakshmi Prashad. Her mother, Indira Devi. She did her primary education from village and She did B.A (Honours) from Patna University in 1966. Later she completed her Masters, M.A (Hindi) in 1968. She started taking interest in Literature, Arts, Social and Political work from her student life.

Retired from the position, Assistant Editing of Departmental journal "Shramik" (Hindi : श्रमिक) from Department of Labor Employment (Patna, Bihar).

Published Books[edit]

  • Saryu Kachharo Ki Hirni (Hindi:सरयू कछारों की हिरनी) (Poetry collection, Hindi 1960)
  • Gulmohar Ka Prashn (Hindi:गुलमोहर का प्रश्न) (Poetry collection, Hindi 1992)
  • Adhratiya Ke Bansuri (Hindi:अधरतिया के बांसुरी) (Poetry collection, Magahi, 1996)
  • Shakuntala (Hindi:शकुंतला) (Poetry collection, Hindi, 2000)