Kumma (Nubia)

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Situation plan of Kumma and Semna.

Kumma (also, Semna East) is an archaeological site in Sudan. Built in the mid-Twelfth Dynasty, it served as a fortress of ancient Egypt in Nubia. Along with Semna, Kumma was built by Sesostris III (1878BC-1839BC). The forts protected the border between ancient Egypt and the southern areas. Kumma is situated about 365 kilometres (227 mi) south of Aswan, and 35 kilometres (22 mi) southwest of the second cataract of the Nile on the eastern bank. Semna is located on the other side. Both locations are flooded today because of the Aswan High Dam on Lake Nubia.

Semna and Kumma, view from the west, mid-19th century.


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Coordinates: 21°30′00″N 30°58′00″E / 21.5°N 30.966667°E / 21.5; 30.966667