Kusa mochi

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Kusa mochi
Yomogi mochi.JPG
Alternative names Yomogi mochi
Type Wagashi
Place of origin Japan
Main ingredients Mochi, yomogi leaf; red bean paste
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Kusa mochi (草餅, literally "grass mochi"), also known as kusamochi or yomogi mochi, is a Japanese sweet. It is considered a seasonal dish for spring. It is made from mochi and leaves of Japanese mugwort or (more traditionally) from Jersey cudweed. It may also be filled with red bean paste.

Kusa mochi may also be used to make a kind of daifuku called yomogi daifuku.

See also[edit]

  • qingtuan, the original Chinese form of this dish, also consumed during the spring
  • caozai guo, the Taiwanese form