Kyousuke Motomi

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Kyousuke Motomi
Kyousuke Motomi.jpg
Self-portrait by Motomi
Born August 1st, 19??
Occupation manga artist
Years active 2002–present

Kyousuke Motomi (最富 キョウスケ, Motomi Kyōsuke) is a Japanese manga artist whose stories have frequently been published in the monthly Betsucomi magazine. Her most current work is Dengeki Daisy.

Though Motomi uses a male pseudonym and draws herself as a man, she is actually female, as pictured in the May 2010 issue of Betsucomi.

"If my stories can touch you, make you laugh, forget unhappy things, or even give you that 'good job' feeling, then I'll be super, super happy!" - Kyousuke Motomi

List of works[edit]

Manga Role Magazine Original Run
Queen's Quality Story & Art Betsucomi 2015-present
QQ Sweeper Story & Art Betsucomi 2014-2015
Dengeki Daisy[1] Story & Art Betsucomi 2007–2014
Beast Master Story & Art Betsucomi 2007
Seishun Survival Story & Art Betsucomi 2006
Purikyuu Story & Art Betsucomi 2005
BITTER II Story & Art Betsucomi 2004
Otokomae! Beads Club Story & Art Betsucomi 2004
Penguin Prince Story & Art Betsucomi 2003
Hetakuso Cupid Story & Art Deluxe Betsucomi 2002


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