Kyzylart Pass

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Kyzylart Pass
Kyzylart Pass.jpg
Elevation4,280 m (14,042 ft)
LocationKyrgyzstanTajikistan border
RangeTrans-Alay Range
Coordinates39°23′03.60″N 73°19′21″E / 39.3843333°N 73.32250°E / 39.3843333; 73.32250Coordinates: 39°23′03.60″N 73°19′21″E / 39.3843333°N 73.32250°E / 39.3843333; 73.32250
Kyzylart Pass is located in Tajikistan
Kyzylart Pass
Location in Tajikistan, on the border with Kyrgyzstan

Kyzylart Pass is a mountain pass and border crossing in the Trans-Alay Range on the border of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. The highest point is 4,280 m (14,042 ft). Throughout the area, the land is typically rugged and dry. It is crossed by the Pamir Highway which leads south from Sary-Tash in the Alay Valley up onto the Pamir plateau toward Karakol Lake and Murghab, Tajikistan. In the late nineteenth century the Russians used to explore and eventually occupy the Pamir plateau.


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