The Marathon Runner

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The Marathon Runner
The Marathon Runner.jpg
Directed by Ewald André Dupont
Produced by Marcel Hellman
Written by Werner Scheff (novel)
Thea von Harbou
Starring Brigitte Helm
Hans Brausewetter
Ursula Grabley
Viktor de Kowa
Music by Giuseppe Becce
Cinematography Eugen Schüfftan
Edited by Herbert Selpin
Distributed by Siegel-Monopolfilm
Release date
24 February 1933
Running time
98 minutes
Country Germany
Language German

The Marathon Runner (German: Der Läufer von Marathon) is a 1933 German sports film directed by Ewald André Dupont and starring Brigitte Helm, Hans Brausewetter and Ursula Grabley. It was based on a 1928 novel by Werner Scheff. The film focuses on a love triangle between three German athletes competing at the 1932 Olympic Games in Los Angeles.[1] It was the last film Dupont made in Germany, before escaping into exile following the rise to power of the Nazis.



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