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The LGBTI Health Summits are an opportunity for individuals working for the health of intersex, trans, bisexual, lesbian and gay people to meet and share ideas. Attendees are mostly health activists, a mix of medical care professionals, alternative and complementary health providers, outreach workers, volunteers, and other interested parties.

The LGBTI Health Summits grew out of a resurgence in queer health movements which looked beyond a victim deficit based model of disease, using an asset based approach.

The LGBTI Health Summits grew out of the first Gay Men's Health Summit, held in Boulder, Colorado in 1999.[1]

The first National LGBTI Health Summit was held in Boulder, Colorado in 2002. The second was held in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2004. The third was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2007.[citation needed] The fourth was held in Chicago, Illinois August 14–18, 2009.[citation needed] The fifth summit with take place in Bloomington, Indiana July 16–19, 2011 .[2]

Gay Men's Health Summits have been held in Boulder, Colorado in 1999 and 2000, and Gay, Bisexual and Trans Men's Summits in Raleigh, North Carolina in 2003,[3] and Salt Lake City, Utah in 2006;[4] a Gay Men's Health Summit was held in Seattle, Washington in October 2008[citation needed], and another will be held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in August, 2010.[citation needed]

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