LG enV (VX9900)

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LG enV (VX9900)
LG EnV Phone.jpg
Manufacturer LG
Compatible networks CDMA
Availability by country late 2006
Predecessor The V (VX9800)
Successor enV2 (VX9100), Voyager (VX10000)
Dimensions 4.6×2.1×0.8 in (117×53×20 mm)
Weight 4.6 oz (130 g)
Operating system proprietary
Memory 128 MB
Display 2.25 in. (240 x 320 px LCD, 262k colors)[1]
External display 1.25 in. (160 x 128 px LCD, 65K colors) [1]
Rear camera 2.0-megapixel with flash
Connectivity Bluetooth / USB Cable
Hearing aid compatibility M3/T3 [2]

The LG enV (pronounced "envy"), also known as the VX9900, is a Bluetooth-enabled and V CAST-ready mobile phone that includes a full "qwerty" keyboard and a 2.0 megapixel camera. It comes in three color variations: silver, orange, and green.

It is succeeded by different phones, each of which have chosen different paths: the LG Voyager, released November 2007, which has a touch sensitive front, enV3, which was released in May 2009, along with the enV touch.[3]

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