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The 2012 LNFA season was the 18th season of top-tier American football in Spain. The regular season was played from January 29, 2012 until the end of may, 2012.

L'Hospitalet Pioners won their 5th LNFA title and the third in a row.

System change[edit]

The competition system was changed for this season. The top six teams from the previous season were included in a new conference, called LNFA Elite, and only those were able to play for the title. At the end of the regular season, the top 4 teams of the LNFA Elite (Rivas Osos, L'Hospitalet Pioners, Valencia Firebats and Badalona Dracs) played a single-elimination tournament for the title. 5th place's team of the LNFA Elite (Barberà Rookies) went into another single-elimination game against the team placed 2nd within the other conferences' sudden death tournament (Valencia Giants) to determine which of the two will play at the LNFA Elite next season, while 6th place's team of the LNFA Elite (Sueca Ricers) will be replaced by the winner of the other conferences' sudden death tournament (Las Rozas Black Demons).


LNFA Elite[edit]

Regular season[edit]

The four top teams will qualify for the championship play-offs
The fifth place will compete in the promotion/relegation play-off
The last team will be relegated to the LNFA next season


The four top teams will play for the 2012 LNFA title. The semifinals will be 1st vs. 4th and 2nd vs. 3rd. The games will be played in the home of the highest seed.

Semifinals Finals
1 Rivas Osos 17
4 Badalona Dracs 16
1 Rivas Osos 24
2 L'Hospitalet Pioners 47
2 L'Hospitalet Pioners 24
3 Valencia Firebats 14


Regular season[edit]

Group winners and runners-up advanced to the promotion play-offs
The two best runners-up advanced to the promotion play-offs
North Conference[edit]
South Conference[edit]
East Conference[edit]


The eight top teams will compete for the promotion to the LNFA Elite. The LNFA champions will promote, while the runner-up will play the promotion playoff against the fifth team in the LNFA Elite.

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
1 Murcia Cobras 34
8 Valencia Giants 40
8 Valencia Giants 12
4 Mallorca Voltors 10
4 Mallorca Voltors 14
5 Granada Lions 6
8 Valencia Giants 10
2 Las Rozas Black Demons 14
2 Las Rozas Black Demons 40
7 Sevilla Linces 6
2 Las Rozas Black Demons 6
6 Zaragoza Hurricanes 0
3 Barcelona Búfals 21
6 Zaragoza Hurricanes 27

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  1. ^ Not played due to Ricers not having enough players. Dracs were awarded a 1-0 win.