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The LNFA 2014 season was the 20th season of top-tier American football in Spain.

As in the previous season, the teams were divided into two categories, renamed Serie A and Serie B, with promotion and relegation between both divisions.

The 2013-14 season started on November 6, with the first game of the Spanish Cup, and finished on June 15, with the LNFA Bowl game.[1]

L'Hospitalet Pioners are the defending champions, but lost to Badalona Dracs in the semifinals. Dracs ended the season winning their sixth title.

Spanish Cup[edit]

Seven teams entered the competition. L'Hospitalet Pioners won the title for the fifth time in a row and ninth overall.[2]

Wild Card Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
 6 November – Santurtzi                          
 Coyotes Santurtzi  6   17 November – Las Rozas        
 Las Rozas Black Demons  12      Las Rozas Black Demons  21
24 November – Las Rozas
   Valencia Giants  17    
 Las Rozas Black Demons  13
     Badalona Dracs  31  
7 December – Badalona
 Badalona Dracs  27
16 November – Rivas-Vaciamadrid
   L'Hospitalet Pioners  31
 Rivas Osos  22
23 November – Rivas-Vaciamadrid
 Valencia Firebats  20    
 Rivas Osos  8
     L'Hospitalet Pioners  15  

LNFA Serie A[edit]

Location of teams in LNFA 2014

Six teams entered the LNFA Serie A, the top-tier level of American football in Spain. L'Hospitalet Pioners, Rivas Osos, Valencia Firebats, Rivas Osos and Badalona Dracs repeated from last year. Granada Lions were promoted from last year LNFA Serie B.

Regular season[edit]

The four top teams will qualify for the championship play-offs
The fifth place will compete in the promotion/relegation play-off
The last team will be relegated to the LNFA Serie B


May 24–25
June 15
1 Badalona Dracs 38
4 L'Hospitalet Pioners 20
1 Badalona Dracs 24
2 Valencia Firebats 18
2 Valencia Firebats 22
3 Rivas Osos 12

LNFA Serie B[edit]

Location of teams in LNFA Serie B 2014
Yellow pog.svg Yellow: North Group
Green pog.svg Green: East Group
Red pog.svg Red: South Group

14 teams entered the LNFA Serie B, the second level of American football in Spain. They were divided in three conferences.

Eight teams qualified to the promotion playoffs, where the three group winners had the three first seeds.

The four worst teams in the regular season played to avoid the relegation to the new Serie C, which will be created in 2015. Alicante Sharks and Sueca Ricers were relegated to Serie C.[3]

Regular season[edit]

The champions of each group were the top seeded in the promotion play-offs
Five teams qualified for the play-offs
The four worst teams played the relegation play-offs

North Group[edit]

East Group[edit]

South Group[edit]

Promotion playoffs[edit]

27 April
11 May
24 May
1 Mallorca Voltors 7
8 Gijón Mariners 0
1 Mallorca Voltors 13
5 Murcia Cobras 6
4 Camioneros Coslada 26
5 Murcia Cobras 31
1 Mallorca Voltors 9
2 Imperials Reus 7
2 Imperials Reus 20
7 Barberà Rookies 0
2 Imperials Reus 20
3 Las Rozas Black Demons 7
3 Las Rozas Black Demons 16
6 Barcelona Búfals 3

Relegation playoffs[edit]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Cantabria Bisons Susp.[4] Sueca Ricers
Zaragoza Hornets 30–19 Alicante Sharks 14–19 16–0

Alicante Sharks and Sueca Ricers are relegated to 2014–15 Serie C.

Promotion/relegation playoffs[edit]

The fifth placed team in Serie A played Serie B runner-up. The game took place in Valencia on June 7.[5] Valencia Giants won the game and will play in next season Serie A.

Team 1  Score  Team 2
Valencia Giants 33–14 Imperials Reus


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