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LV2 shaded black.svg
Developer(s) Steve Harris, David Robillard, other members of linux-audio-dev
Written in C
Operating system Linux, Windows, OS X, BSD
License ISC License

LV2, an initialism for Linux Audio Developer's Simple Plugin API (LADSPA) version 2, is an open standard for audio plug-ins and matching host applications. It includes support for audio synthesis (generation) and digital signal processing of digital audio and MIDI. It is intended to provide an open alternative to competing standards such as Virtual Studio Technology (VST) and Audio Units.

Currently there is support for LV2 in Ardour, Calf Studio Gear,[1] Qtractor, Traverso DAW,[2] Harrison Mixbus,[3] and the 2.0.6 and above versions of Audacity.[4] It is also the plugin format used by the forthcoming Mod Duo[5] hardware effects unit.

LV2 replaces the former Disposable Soft Synth Interface (DSSI) plugin infrastructure, and succeeds the more limited LADSPA standard, adding MIDI ability, custom UIs, a system allowing extensibility of the initial standard, and other features.[6]

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