La Amada Inmóvil

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La Amada Inmóvil
Directed by Luis Bayón Herrera
Starring Santiago Gómez Cou
Yvonne Bastien
Music by Alberto Soifer
Cinematography Roque Funes
Edited by José Cardella
Release date
July 27, 1945
Country Argentina
Language Spanish

La Amada Inmóvil (English: The Immovable Loved One) is a 1945 Argentine film directed and written by Luis Bayón Herrera. The film starred Santiago Gómez Cou and Yvonne Bastien as Ivonne De Lys. The film was based on the poem La Amada Inmóvil (The Immovable Loved One), written by Amado Nervo and published in 1922.


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