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Origin Portland, Oregon, United States
Genres home recording, lo-fi
Labels Cut & Paste Collective, FILMguerrero, Barsuk
Associated acts Dat'r
Viva Voce
Ramona Falls
MySpace Page
Members Danny Seim
Paul Alcott
Matt Dabrowiak
Jim Fairchild
Nick Jaina
Dave Depper
Past members Holly Hilden
Kevin Robinson
Anita Robinson
Tyler Poage
Nick Jaina

Lackthereof is the solo project of Danny Seim, a founding member of the Portland, Oregon-based band Menomena.


The first six Lackthereof albums were recorded at home and given out to Seim's friends on cassettes and CD-R's. In 2005, FILMguerrero released Christian the Christian, making it the first album in the Lackthereof discography to receive any sort of formal distribution.[1]

Seim took Lackthereof to a live setting for the first time in 2004, recruiting his then-wife Holly, friend Tyler Poage, and Kevin and Anita Robinson of the band Viva Voce. This lineup played one show at Portland's annual PDX Pop Now! Festival before disbanding.

The following year, Seim revived the project again, this time with the help of Holly, Matt Dabrowiak, and Paul Alcott of the band Dat'r.

To support the 2008 release of Your Anchor, Lackthereof performed several more shows in Portland with Alcott, Dabrowiak, Jim Fairchild (of All Smiles, Grandaddy and Modest Mouse), and Jon Ragel (of Boy Eats Drum Machine).

On October 13, 2009, Barsuk released the 20-track anthology A Lackthereof Retrospective 1998–2008, or I was a Christian Emo Twentysomething. The release compiles highlights from Seim's early home recording career, featuring songs that were never before released outside of cassettes and CD-R's given out to friends.[2]


Full-length albums[edit]

Split EPs[edit]

  • Boil the Ocean – split EP w/ Francis (1999).
  • Scissors and Blue – split EP w/ Francis (2001).

Other Notable Collaborations[edit]


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