Lacus Timoris

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Lacus Timoris
Lacus Timoris
Coordinates 38°48′S 27°18′W / 38.8°S 27.3°W / -38.8; -27.3Coordinates: 38°48′S 27°18′W / 38.8°S 27.3°W / -38.8; -27.3
Diameter 117 km
Eponym Lake of Fear

Lacus Timoris (Latin for "Lake of Fear") is a small lunar mare on the Moon. It is located at 38.8° S, 27.3° W and is 117 km in diameter. Its name was approved by the IAU in 1976[1] at a meeting in Grenoble.

One of the craters by or within the lake is Haidinger located to the northeast.


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