Lado, South Sudan

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Lado is located in South Sudan
Location in South Sudan
Coordinates: 5°2′2″N 31°41′7″E / 5.03389°N 31.68528°E / 5.03389; 31.68528Coordinates: 5°2′2″N 31°41′7″E / 5.03389°N 31.68528°E / 5.03389; 31.68528
Country South Sudan
StateJubek State
 • Summer (DST)+3GMT

Lado is a small settlement in Jubek State in South Sudan, on the west bank of the White Nile. It is situated north of the modern-day city of Juba.

When General Gordon was appointed governor of the Egyptian territory of Equatoria in 1874, he moved his capital from Gondokoro to Lado, which had a healthier climate.[1] In 1878 Emin Pasha was appointed Bey of Equatoria, then nominally under Egyptian control, with his base at Lado.[2] At one point the settlement was capital of the Lado Enclave.[3] Travelling through Africa, Russian explorer Wilhelm Junker stayed in Lado in 1884, and wrote complimentarily of its brick buildings and neat streets.[4]

Map of the Lado Enclave showing the location of Lado on the west bank of the White Nile
Map showing Lado half way between Gondokoro and Mongalla


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