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OriginWest Chester, Pennsylvania, United States
Years active2005–present
Associated acts
MembersTyler Pursel
Teeter Sperber

LadybiRdS are an American pop rock band from West Chester, Pennsylvania.


Ley Royal Scam[edit]

Prior to LadybiRdS Tyler Pursel and Teeter Sperber were recording and touring with Ley Royal Scam, a short-lived group that had a successful run opening several shows for Taking Back Sunday at Bamboozle in 2005.[1] They also self-released two demos, titled Pregnancy Scare and Sophomore Slump.[2] Within that year the members of Ley Royal Scam separated, allowing Pursel to rejoin Gym Class Heroes.


In 2006 Pursel contacted Sperber to provide vocals for a new project; what would become LadybiRdS.[1] Musical arrangements were made by Pursel, who was working on the East coast,[3] while Sperber, since the breakup of Ley Royal Scam, had relocated to Oregon.[1] Though Pursel initially envisioned the album to feature many vocalists, subsequent work with Sperber led them to write and record together exclusively, making Sperber the nominal frontwoman and lead singer of LadybiRdS.[4] Production culminated by January 2007, when Pursel and Sperber put finishing touches on Regional Community Theater at a Creep Records basement studio in Pennsylvania.[3] The album was released by Creep Records on 18 September 2007.[4]

Regional Community Theater[edit]

Promoted as "cheezpop" in the LadybiRdS press release,[5] the compositions of Regional Community Theater were likened to The Postal Service, while Sperber's singing drew comparison to Cyndi Lauper.[6][4] Adam Bunch of PopMatters described the album as "a sugar-coated, dance-happy record of electronic squiggles and bleeps."[6] Appearing are several prominent lead vocalists; The Get Up Kids' Matt Pryor on "Cooper, Thanks for the Birds," Danger O's' Justin Johnson, and Fairmont's Neil Sabatino.[1] Additionally, Max Bemis of Say Anything lends vocals on "Maxim and the Headphone Life," a song described by The Fader's Meyiee Apple as "one of the more memorable tracks.." on Regional Community Theater.[7]

A music video for the song "The Brown and Red Divide" was released in June 2007.[8]




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