Laffly V15

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Laffly V15T
Laffly V15 Saumur 01.jpg
V15T on display at Musée des Blindés
Type gun tractor
Place of origin  France
Weight 2.6
Length 4.21
Width 1.85
Height 1.85
Crew 2 + 3 passengers

Armor none
Engine 4-cylinder, petrol, 2300 cc
Payload capacity 700 kg
Suspension front: coil springs, rear: leaf springs, independent wheels
Speed 58 km/h

The Laffly V15T was a French light 4WD artillery tractor used during World War II. It was used to tow the 25 mm SA anti-tank gun. A personnel carrier and reconnaissance vehicle based on the same chassis was designated as V15R. The Laffly company itself only manufactured the first batch of 100 V15s, the rest of the production being taken over by La Licorne company.


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