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LaFrae Olivia Sci is a well-known rock, jazz, and session drummer, living in New York City, who endorses Sabian cymbals[1] and Vater sticks.[2] LaFrae is also a composer, arranger and bandleader, who was musical director for Sandra Bernhard's Broadway musical, "Everything Bad and Beautiful".[3] LaFrae has also served as a Jazz ambassador for the US State Department.[4][clarification needed]

LaFrae is a founding member of, and sits on the board of directors for the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls.[5] Additionally, LaFrae leads a music education program sponsored by the Jazz at Lincoln Center,[6] designed to expand the jazz knowledge of middle school musicians in the NYC area.

LaFrae performs with numerous NYC bands including Burnt Sugar,[7] Hot Caramel with Irene Cara.,[8] and she recently formed The 13th Amendment, with members of Melvin Van Peebles wid Laxative.[9] LaFrae played with Bumblefoot from 2000-2003 and recorded with them on two albums, Uncool and 9.11. She has also recorded with Reuben Wilson, Andrew Beals and Doug Monroe on "Boogaloo To The Beastie Boys – A Tribute."[10]

LaFrae has received press from Modern Drummer[11] and TomTom magazine.[12] She has also been profiled in David Aldridge’s Drumming Blog[13] and writes regularly on her own blog, LaFrae Blog O Love [1].


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