Lake Hills, Bellevue

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Lake Hills neighborhood sign on the western end of Lake Hills Boulevard.

Lake Hills is a neighborhood in Bellevue, Washington. It lies to the south of the Crossroads and north of the Eastgate neighborhoods.[1]

In the early 1900s, Japanese immigrants farmed the part of Lake Hills between present day Larsen Lake and Phantom Lake.[2] This agricultural activity was abruptly curtailed following the Japanese American Internment in 1942, and was eventually replaced by suburban housing.[3][4] Lake Hills was annexed into Bellevue in 1969.[4]

Today the Lake Hills neighborhood contains Bellevue College,[5] the Lake Hills Greenbelt Urban Demonstration Garden (also known as the Bellevue Demonstration Garden), and Larsen Lake.[1]


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Coordinates: 47°36′12″N 122°07′51″W / 47.60333°N 122.13083°W / 47.60333; -122.13083