Lake Ossiach

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Ossiacher See
Lake Ossiach
Location Carinthia
Coordinates 46°40′N 13°58′E / 46.667°N 13.967°E / 46.667; 13.967Coordinates: 46°40′N 13°58′E / 46.667°N 13.967°E / 46.667; 13.967
Primary inflows Tiebel Creek
Primary outflows Seebach to Drava river
Basin countries Austria
Max. length 10.7875 km
Max. width 1,540 m
Surface area 10.38 km²
Average depth 19.6 m (64 ft)
Max. depth 52.6 m (171 ft)
Water volume 206.28 km³
Residence time 1.8 years
Surface elevation 501 m (1644 ft)
Settlements Annenheim, Sattendorf, Bodensdorf, Steindorf, Ossiach

Lake Ossiach (German: Ossiacher See, Slovene: Osojsko jezero) is the third largest lake in the Austrian state of Carinthia, superseded only by Lake Wörth and Lake Millstatt.


It is situated in the southern Nock Mountains range of the Gurktal Alps along the road between Villach and Feldkirchen, at a height of 501 m (1,644 ft). It reaches a maximum depth of 52.6 m (173 ft), the surface area is about 10.8 km2 (4.2 sq mi).

Lake Ossiach is a dimictic lake with mixing periods in spring and in late autumn. In summer the waters reach 28 °C. Several uninhabited parts of the shore are protected as natural reserves.

There are five main villages surrounding the lake, all of them mainly dependent on summer tourism: Annenheim and Sattendorf, parts of the Treffen municipality, Bodensdorf and Steindorf, all located on the northern shore, and Ossiach with Ossiach Abbey, after which the lake is named.

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