Lake Region Union High School

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Lake Region Union High School
Barton, Vermont
Type Secondary school
Grades 9-12
Number of students 380
Mascot Rangers
Affiliation Public

Lake Region Union High School, commonly known as Lake Region, is a secondary school located in Barton, Vermont. The school is operated by the Orleans Central Supervisory Union school district.

The towns which send students there include Barton, Orleans, Irasburg, Albany, Brownington, Glover, Coventry and Westmore.


The building was opened in 1967 to replace two high schools in the Town of Barton, Orleans High School and Barton Academy. Each was formerly served by its own school district; the new school by a unified school district encompassing the two former districts.


The budget for 2007-8 is $5,886,918.[1] The school board expects this to top $6 million in 2009-2010.[2]

In 2008, the cafeteria served hot meals to about 70% of the students daily. The cost of the meal was $2 for the student, $2.80 in actuality. Common foods served are sandwich grinders, pizza, and chef salads.

In 2010, the school stood twelfth academically in the state on the NECAP exam. This was despite being located in the third poorest school district in the state.[3]


  • Boys' soccer, division ll state champions, 2016
  • Girls' golf, division II state champions, 2014[4]
  • Boys' basketball division III state champions 2008[5]
  • Girls' basketball division III state champions 2009[6] Girls' basketball, Class I[7] state champions 1974
  • Boys' cross country state champions, Class I, 1970
  • Boys' cross-country skiing, Division II state champions 1993-4
  • Field Hockey Class I state champions, 1972, 1973, 1974
  • Golf, Division II state champions 1995
  • Girls' Track, Class I state champions 1971

In 2008, the school exceeded state averages in every category except science on the standardized NECAP tests. Improvements over 2007 were "notable."[8] The school stood ninth out of 65 high schools in reading; fourteenth in math and seventeenth in writing.[9]

In 2009, the school had the highest mathematics and reading proficiency of three county high schools on the standardized tests, 65%. The state average was 52%. It also had the highest percentage of students qualifying for free lunch, 49%. The state average was 31%.[10] In 2010 and 2011, the school had the highest grades in the county in reading, and writing. It had the highest percentage of students qualifying for free lunches, 52%.[11][12] In 2011, the principal was selected as the state's "Principal of the Year."[13]

In 2013, U.S. News & World Report ranked the high school third in Vermont, up from seventh in 2012.[14]

In 2012, on the standardized NECAP, economically disadvantaged eleventh graders stood higher than those who were better off, contrary to expectations.[14]

Student life[edit]

There are poetry slams. There are a variety of musical activities, including chorus, band, jazz band, and select chorus.

There is an annual Variety Show.


There are boys' and girls' sports teams for the following seasons:

  • Fall: soccer, cross country
  • Winter: basketball, indoor track, cross country skiing, and Nordic skiing
  • Spring: baseball, softball, tennis, track and field


Classes are conducted during eight periods from 8:21 to 2:58.

There is an after school program.

There are seven Advanced Placement courses.

Starting with the class of 2013, students are required to complete a minimum of 80 hours of community service to graduate.[15]

List of principals[edit]

  1. Millard D. Harrison 1967 - 1969
  2. David H. Wood 1969 - 1981[16]
  3. Richard Aubuchon 1987 - 1996[17]
  4. John Castle 1996 - ?
  5. Steve Urgenson ? - 2007
  6. Don Harter 2007 - 2009
  7. Andre Messier 2009 - current[13]


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