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A lark is a small terrestrial bird.

Lark, The Lark, Larks or The Larks may also refer to:


Arts and entertainment[edit]



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  • Denver Larks, a former name of the Denver Nuggets National Basketball Association team
  • Larks, a nickname for the Montreal Alouettes Canadian Football League team
  • Hays Larks, a collegiate summer baseball team in Hays, Kansas
  • Jersey Larks, a professional ice hockey team which played in the Eastern Hockey League during the 1960-61 season
  • Oakland Larks, a baseball team in the West Coast Negro Baseball League in 1946
  • Mynavi ABC Championship, a Japan Golf Tour event called the ABC Lark Cup (1988-1991) and the Lark Cup (1992-1993)


  • Lark (name), a list of people with either the surname or given name
  • Lark (person), someone who prefers to get up early in the morning and go to bed in the early evening
  • Sarah Lark, a pen name of German author Christiane Gohl (born 1958)
  • Lark O'Neal, a pen name of American novelist Barbara O'Neal (fl. 1990-present)
  • K. Gordon Lark, American biologist

Other uses[edit]

  • Lark (cigarette), a brand of cigarette made by Philip Morris
  • Lark Theater, a single-screen Art Deco cinema in Larkspur, California, United States
  • Lark Hotels, an American hotel management and development company
  • Lark, an XML syntax analyzer written by Tim Bray
  • Colloquial for a larrikin act

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