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Laura Cinti is an artist working with biology.

She is the co-founder and co-director of C-LAB,[1] a developing art/science studio lab with Howard Boland who is the co-founder and artistic director of C-LAB and an artist working with Synthetic Biology.

Laura Cinti has a PhD from UCL Slade School of Fine Art in interdisciplinary capacity with UCL University College London Centre of Biomedical Imaging, an MA in Interactive Media: Critical Theory & Practice (Distinction) from Goldsmiths, University of London and BA (Hons) Fine Art (First Class) from University of Hertfordshire.[2]


  • Martian Rose is an installation which carries the romantic and destructive idea of giving a rose to Mars. Using a planetary simulation chamber the exhibited rose has been exposed to Martian Environment for 6 hours. Mars is a cold place with plummeting temperatures from −60 °C down to −130 °C, the atmospheric pressure is only a hundredths of earth's, much lower than on Mount Everest, the prevalent gas is carbon dioxide and UV light penetrates an unshielded atmosphere. The experiment took place on 27 March 2007 at the Mars Simulation Laboratory (University of Aarhus, Denmark) where two (miniature) red roses were subjected to proxy Martian parameters.[3]
  • The Cactus Project is transgenic artwork involving the fusion of human genetic material into the cactus genome resulting in the cactus expressing human hair.[4]

External links[edit]

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  • Exposing Roses to Martian Atmosphere, Art + Science Experiment 2007 [6]

Further reading[edit]

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