Lauran Bethell

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Lauran Bethell
Church American Baptist Churches USA
Title The Reverend Doctor

Lauran Bethell is an American Baptist missionary[1] and human rights advocate residing in Eastern Europe.[2] She is one of the founders of Chiang Mai, Thailand's New Life Center in which former prostitutes or sex trafficking victims are provided with Christian education aimed at making them literate and employable.[3] She holds the position of Global Consultant with American Baptist International Ministries.[4]

She believes that prostituted children can recover from their abuse and said that those who suggest otherwise are "not giving enough credit to the power of the human spirit."[5]

Bethell spoke at the pre-conference to the Baptist World Centenary Congress in July 2004.[6]

In 2005,[7] she received the Baptist World Alliance Human Rights Award.[8]

In November 2006, Bethell spoke at an evening gathering in Orlando, Florida in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the American Baptist Churches USA.[9] In March 2009, Bethell spoke at a conference called "STOP Sex Trafficking: A Call to End 21st Century Slavery" at Mercer University.[10]


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