Lauren Hoffman

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Lauren Hoffman
Born 1977
Origin Charlottesville, Virginia, U.S.
Genres Acoustic
Alternative rock
Occupation(s) Singer-Songwriter
Instruments Guitar, Vocals
Labels Virgin Records
Associated acts Mirabai

Lauren Hoffman is an American singer-songwriter. She was signed to Virgin Records America and released her debut album titled Megiddo in 1997.[1] She parted ways with the label in 1999, following her disenchantment with their lack of promotion for her,[2] whilst Virgin went on to issue her sophomore LP, 'From The Blue House' in the same year. A third album, 'Choreography', followed in 2006. In 2015, she released her first EP under new moniker The Secret Storm entitled In the Sun.[3]

She is produced in John Morand and David Lowery's studio Sound of Music Studios, along with artists such as Mint, Cracker and Sparklehorse.


She played with Shannon Worrell and Kristin Asbury in a band called Monsoon, named after the Thai restaurant in which they played.

In 1995, she worked with musician Peter Griesar.



  • Megiddo (1997)
  • A Harmless Little Kiss EP (1999)
  • From The Blue House (1999)
  • Choreography (2006)
  • Interplanetary Traveler (2009)

Album covers have been designed by Wes Freed. Another Song About the Darkness (3:59) is the 20th track on The Sound the Hare Heard album. She played a number of songs played in the South of Nowhere series (Ghost You Know, Magic Stick, Hope You Don't Mind, Reasons to Fall, Love In September, Broken). Her song, Rock Star appears on the soundtrack of the 1998 motion picture, Palmetto.

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