Lava (band)

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Origin Årdal, Norway
Genres Jazz
Pop music
Years active 1977–present
Labels Polydor Records
Members Per Kolstad
Svein Dag Hauge
Per Hillestad
Past members Sigurd Køhn
Rolf Graf
Geir Langslet
Stein Eriksen
Kjell Hestetun

Lava (established 1977 in Årdal, Norway) is a Norwegian jazz-rock band, known from a series of recordings in the 1980s (Polydor Records).[1][2]


The initiators Per Hillestad (drums), Svein Dag Hauge (guitar) were joined by Kjell Hestetun (bass) and Stein Eriksen (keyboards) and released the jazz funk influenced album Lava (1980), with contributions from Geir Langslet (keyboards) and Olav Stedje (vocals).[1][2]

When Hestetun and Eriksen left the band, the quartet Hauge, Hillestad and Langslet and bassist Rolf Graf continued releasing the album Cruisin (1981), with contributions by Per Kolstad (piano), Sigurd Køhn (saxophone) and Marius Müller (guitar), and the track «Take Your Time» became Norway and Europe hit.[1][2]

Their third album was Prime Time (1982) with Egil Eldøen as new vocalist accompanied by Sidsel Endresen on one track. In addition to the regular lineup, Per Kolstad and Sigurd Køhn contributed on this album. It was followed by a tour with Randy Crawford (1983), also contributing on the album Fire (1984). This is Lavas best-selling albums and it was awarded Spellemannsprisen (1984) in the class Pop.[1][2]

Later, the group released Prime Cuts (1985), Rhythm of Love (1990) and The Very Best of Lava (1996). On the next two albums Polarity (2003) and Alibi (2005), Geir Langslet was substituted by Stein Austrud (keyboards) Kåre Kolve contributed as saxophonist. The last album Symphonic Journey (2009) was recorded live with Kringkastingsorkestret at Rockefeller. Lava also collaborated with guest artists like Randy Crawford.[1][2]

Band members[edit]

Present members
Associated members
Past members
Guest vocalists



Studio albums
  • 1980: Lava (Polydor Records)
  • 1981: Cruisin (Polydor Records)
  • 1982: Prime Time (Polydor Records)
  • 1984: Fire (Polydor Records)
  • 1990: Rhythm of Love (Polydor Records)
  • 2003: Polarity (Polydor Records)
  • 2005: Alibi (Polydor Records)[1]
  • 1985: Prime Cuts (Polydor Records)
  • 1996: The Very Best of Lava (Polydor Records)


  • 2009: Symphonic Journey (Polydor Records)


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