Lavon Dam

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Lavon Dam
USACE Lavon Lake and Dam.jpg
Aerial view of Lavon Dam
Country United States
Location Collin County, Texas
Coordinates 33°1′57″N 96°28′2″W / 33.03250°N 96.46722°W / 33.03250; -96.46722Coordinates: 33°1′57″N 96°28′2″W / 33.03250°N 96.46722°W / 33.03250; -96.46722
Status In use
Construction began January, 1948
Opening date September, 1953 (September, 1953)
Construction cost $88,351,248.00
Owner(s) The U.S. Government, operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Worth District
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Rolled earthfill
Impounds East Fork of the Trinity River
Height 81 ft (25 m)
Length 19,493 ft (5,941 m)
Width (crest) 475.5 ft (144.9 m)
Dam volume 17,055,000 cu yd (13,039,000 m3)
Spillway type Ogee crest
Spillway capacity 1,507,000 cu ft/s (42,700 m3/s)
Creates Lavon Reservoir
Total capacity 409,360 acre·ft (0.50494 km3)
Surface area 20,559 acres (8,320 ha)

Lavon Dam is located in Collin County, Texas on the East Fork[1] of the Trinity River, approximately 3 miles east of Wylie and 22 miles northeast of Dallas. It was constructed to create the Lavon Reservoir and is named after the town of Lavon. Dams are generally named after the closest town near the structure.[2]


Construction on the Lavon Dam began in January, 1948, and was completed in March, 1953. Deliberate impoundment began on September 14, 1953. The cost of the project was $18,554,570. On May 15, 1970, construction began on a modification of Lavon Dam that increased the conservation storage pool from elevation 472.0 feet to the current elevation of 492.0 feet by raising the top of the dam 12 feet. The modification was completed and deliberate impoundment began December 1, 1975. The cost of the modification was $69,796,678 which brought the grand total cost to $88,351,248.[2]


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