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Leake Street, also known as the "Banksy Tunnel" or "Graffiti Tunnel", is a road in Lambeth, London. It is about 300 metres long, runs off York Road and under the platforms and tracks of Waterloo station. The walls are decorated with graffiti - initially created during the "Cans Festival" organised by Banksy on 3–5 May 2008.[1] A second edition of the Cans Festival on the August Bank Holiday week-end 2008.[2]

While the Eurostar terminal was at Waterloo, the road was open for through vehicular traffic. On 14 November 2008 ownership of the road passed from Eurostar to Network Rail[3] and through traffic was restricted to pedestrians.


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Coordinates: 51°30′07″N 0°06′57″W / 51.5020°N 0.1157°W / 51.5020; -0.1157