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Leake sisters in 1904— Standing L to R: Blanche Kelsall, jane Adam, Jessie Skinner, Constance Lodge. Seated: Lady Parker, Mary Parry, Rose Clifton.

A number of members of the Leake family were prominent and notable individuals in the Swan River Colony and the history of Perth, Western Australia - and the History of Western Australia.

Members of the family were included in the Six hungry families who inter-married and sustained a significant political power in nineteenth century Perth.


Miss Glover
Lucas / Luke (1682-1749)
Elizabeth Brownrigg (16??-17??)
George (1726-1771)
Alice Webster (17??–1787)
Luke (1756-1799)
Ann Heading or Hidden (1758–1836)
Luke (1784–1838)
Mary-Ann Walpole (1801-1872)
George Leake (merchant) 1785-1849
1. Anne Growse
2. ?
John (1795–1850 in Adelaide)
John (1827–1850 in California)
Sir Luke Samuel Leake (1828-1886)
Louisa Walpole
George Walpole Leake 1825–1895
Rose Ellen Gliddon (d.1888)
Amy Mabel May
Sarah Constance Lodge (née Leake, 1860–1939)
Blanche Edith Kelsall (née Leake, 1866–1950)
George Leake (1856–1902)
Louisa Emily Burt


Luke m. Miss Glover

  • Lucas (1682 Sudbury -1749 Willisham) m. Elizabeth Brownrigg
    • George (1726-1771 Lothbury, London) m. Alice Webster (-1787)

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  1. ^ Marriage Notices, The West Australian (Perth, WA), 9 January 1893
    LEAKE-MAY.-On Saturday the 7th inst., at St. George's Cathedral, by the Right Reverend the Bishop of Perth, the Honourable George Walpole Leake, Q.C.. M.L.C., to Amy Mabel, second daughter of the late Charles William May, of St. Peters College, Adelaide, S.A.


Further reading[edit]

  • Adam, Jane E. (née Leake), (d 1951) (1949).Reminiscences of early days in Perth ...completed in 1949 when she was in her 85th year. Typescript held in Battye Library. - library catalogue description has the social conditions, buildings, personalities of Perth in her childhood in 1870's and as seen on visits in 1929 and later. Includes Leake family history from 1830-.
  • Chapman, Jenny.(1965) Perserverando : the Leake family in the political, economic and social life of W.A., 1829-1902, with particular reference to George Leake (1786-1849), Sir Luke Samuel Leake (1828-1886), and George Leake (1856-1902) held in Battye Library.

Family papers[edit]

  • Leake family. Papers, 1824-1904 [manuscript] Battye Library, MN 392, Leake family papers, ACC 871A, ACC 1955A, 4102A, 4441A, 4702A. Library catalogue part description of papers: George Walpole Leake (1825-1895) came to Western Australia on the "Cygnet" in 1833; became land owner in the Swan district, Crown Solicitor, Acting Attorney-General, 1874-1875. His son George (1856-1902) was called to the Bar in 1880, becoming in turn Crown Solicitor, Public Prosecutor, Q.C., M.L.C. for Albany (1894-1900), then West Perth (1901-1902). Delegate to Australasian Federal Convention of 1897-1898. Premier of W.A. 1901-1902. Detailed listing available (MN 392)