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Lennon's Circus (established circa 1890) is a circus that tours in Australia. Its touring schedule covers Australia from the remotest towns to the largest cities. Touring for 11 months, before completing their season in late November.


The Lennon family are the only circus family in Australia who make their own circus big tops and marquees. They also make SuperTents for rock concerts such as Homebake and The Big Day Out.

It is one of only three circuses left in Australia with big cats in their programme. The three lions at Lennon’s are 4 years of age, 2 females and 1 male from different litters.


The Lennon Bros Circus showcases a wide variety of circus arts such as tumblers, flying trapeze, hula hoops, acrobats, double wheel of death, aerialists and clowns. Animals include Liberty horses, monkey, camel, llamas, goat, geese, lions and canines. The circus employs a staff of 35 people, ranging in age from 3 years to 65 years, and is proud to employ a troupe of Australian and International performers. The circus is moved on 14 trucks, 2 semi trailers and 14 caravans.

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