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Leo I,[1] called the Usurper, was the usurping consul and duke of Gaeta on two quite separate occasions. He was the son of one Docibilis, a relative of the Docibilian dynasty, probably a son of Duke Gregory.

Firstly, in April or August 1012, after the death of his cousin John IV of Gaeta, he seized the throne in opposition to John's son, John V, then an infant, and his regents: Emilia, John IV's mother, and Leo, John IV's son. He was in charge in September, but by October, the supporters of Emilia and John V had removed him from office.

In October 1041, Guaimar IV of Salerno appeared in his last act as duke of Gaeta. From acts of August 1042, preserved in the Codex Caietanus, we know that Leo was reigning as duke, probably by popular acclamation against Guaimar. However, he was expelled by December that year by Ranulf Drengot, to whom Guaimar had ceded his consular and ducal rights in Gaeta.


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  1. ^ The enumeration of the rulers of Gaeta is not standardised and Leo sometimes appears as Leo II.

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