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Leon Hale is an author and award winning columnist for the Houston Chronicle. He moved to The Chronicle after writing a column in the Houston Post for 32 years.[1]

Hale is a member of The Texas Institute of Letters, a literary group in Austin, which recognized the writer with the Lon Tinkle Award for Excellence Sustained Throughout a Career. He has also won awards for fiction and non-fiction from the Headliners Foundation, United Press International, and the Associated Press.

He has recently announced his retirement after 65 years of writing. http://www.houstonchronicle.com/lifestyle/columnists/hale/?cmpid=btfpm Despite this announcement, he continues to write short blogs weekly for the Chronicle as of the end of 2014.


Leon Hale is also the author of the following books:

  • Turn South at the Second Bridge (1965)[2]
  • Bonney's Place (1972)[3]
  • Addison (1978)[4]
  • A Smile from Katie Hattan (1982)
  • Easy Going (1983)
  • One Man's Christmas (1984)
  • Paper Hero (1986)
  • Texas Chronicles (1989)
  • Home Spun (1997)
  • Supper Time (1999)
  • Old Friends: A Collection (2004)


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