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Leonora Ainsworth (July 7, 1894 – June 28, 1985) was a scenarist and screenwriter for Hollywood motion pictures during the silent film era. She was from Michigan.

Director William C. Dowlan and Ainsworth were married. She is credited as Leonora Dowlan for her writing in Across The Footlights (1915) and Their Secret (1915).

Dowlan filmed The Devil and Idle Hands (1915), a short drama starring Dowlan and Gloria Fonda. Ainsworth was the writer for this motion picture as well as Dear Little Old Time Girl (1915). The latter was a Universal Pictures story which showcased Dowlan and Violet MacMillan in its cast.

Ainsworth penned the screenplay for Drugged Waters (1916). The silent drama was filmed at High Bluff Mineral Springs, a lovely resort in the mountains. The film was produced by the Red Feather Photoplay Company and featured Fonda and E.P. Evers. It was a five reel movie.

In May 1916 Dowlan left Universal after four years as a director and artistic producer. He signed on to direct Mary Miles Minter in a screen production for the American Film Company of Santa Barbara, California. The motion picture, Youth's Endearing Charm, was made in Los Angeles, California. Scenes were filmed at the Los Angeles County Jail and on Broadway (Los Angeles).

Dowlan and Ainsworth continued to make movies together. Ainsworth was scenarist for Lavinia Comes Home (1916) and The Madcap (1916). She wrote screenplays for The Great Fear (1915) and Just Plain Folks (1915).

Leonora Ainsworth died in Los Angeles County in 1985.


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