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The following is a list of notable LGBT awareness days.

Name Date Year Started Notes
Asexual Awareness Week Last week of October 2011 Celebrated to spread awareness of asexuality, aromanticism, and the spectrum surrounding both.[1]
Celebrate Bisexuality Day 23 September 1999 Also referred to as Bisexual Pride Day, CBD, Bisexual Pride, and Bi Visibility Day.[2]
Bisexual Awareness Week Week surrounding 23 September 2014 Also referred to as BiWeek, and Bisexual+ Awareness Week.
Day of Silence April 1996 April; Day varies from year to year. GLSEN's Day of Silence is an organizing tool to end the silencing effect of anti-LGBTQ bias
Harvey Milk Day May 22 2010 Celebrated to honor Harvey Milk, assassinated politician, on his birthday, it is celebrated officially in California, Milk's home state.[3]
Holocaust Remembrance Day 27th day of January 1953 Day to remember all of the victims of the Nazi era; see persecution of homosexuals in Nazi Germany and the Holocaust.
Human Rights Day December 10
International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia May 17 2005 The main purpose of the 17 May mobilizations is to raise awareness of violence, discrimination, abuse, and repression of LGBT communities worldwide.
International Stand Up to Bullying Day Third Friday of November and last Friday of February
International Transgender Day of Visibility March 31 2009[4] Celebrated to bring awareness to transgender people and their identities as well as recognize those that helped fight for rights for transgender people.
Intersex Awareness Day October 26 1996 Celebrated in October to commemorate the first intersex protest, which took place in Boston, MA[5]
Intersex Day of Remembrance (Intersex Solidarity Day) November 8 Marks the birthday of Herculine Barbin.
Irish Marriage Referendum May 22 2015 Ireland became the first country to legalize marriage equality through plebiscite on this day
Lesbian Visibility Day 26 April 2008 Annual day to celebrate, recognize, and bring visibility to lesbians.[6][7][8]
LGBT History Month (USA) October 1994 First celebrated in 1994 in October. It was declared a national History month by President Barack Obama in 2009. The month was created with the intent to encourage openness and education about LGBT history and rights.
LGBT History Month (UK) February 2005
LGBT Pride Month June[9] June is celebrated as Pride in honor of the Stonewall Riots, though Pride events occur all year round. It also marks the month that same-sex marriage was legalized in the United States.
National Coming Out Day October 11 1988[10]
Pulse Night of Remembrance June 12 2017 Annual day of US remembrance for the loss of 49 people in the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida on 12 June 2016.[11]
Spirit Day October 19 2010
Stonewall Riots Anniversary June 28[12] To remember the Stonewall Riots that are described as the start of the Trans and Gay Liberation Movement in the United States. It's a day for people to remember the biracial lesbian and drag king Stormé DeLarverie whose scuffle with the police started the rebellion, and the trans woman of color Marsha P. Johnson who threw the first brick.[13]
Trans Parent Day First Sunday in November 2009 A day that celebrates life and the love between Transgender parents and their children, and between parents and their Transgender children.
Transgender Awareness Week Typically second week of November The purpose is to educate about transgender and gender non-conforming people and the issues associated with their transition or identity.
Transgender Day of Remembrance November 20 1999
World AIDS Day December 1 1988 Recognized in 1988 by the United Nations
Zero Discrimination Day March 1[14] 2014[14][15] "#ZeroDiscrimination Day is observed to bring awareness that you can't get sick from interacting with people who have aids, that everybody should have "access health care safely and live life fully with dignity." as per Michel Sidibé, UNAIDS Executive Director".[16] The day is also used to bring attention to acceptance of non-straight fellow humans and not marginalise, discriminate or act cruelly against them, yet to instruct oneself on e.g. the gender continuum.

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