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Levy, Lévy or Levies may refer to:



Military organizations[edit]

A levy (plural levies) is a military force raised ("levied") in a particular manner. In the Roman legion this typically means "farmer soldier" militia units raised by conscription that provided most of light and heavy infantry composition—most of which were of poor training and little fighting ability—but not always. In the British Empire, levies were units raised by local officials for local tasks, typically for local order and security.

Compulsory government measures[edit]

  • To force someone into military or national service by means of conscription
  • A legal action, where property of a judgment debtor is taken for public sale to satisfy a monetary judgment
  • An imposition of a fine
  • To take money in order to pay off a tax liability
  • To wage war
  • The statutory levy collected from bookmakers in the UK by the Horserace Betting Levy Board
  • Private copying levy, a tax on recordable media typically allocated to the developers of "content"
  • E-levy, proposed tax bill in Ghana


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