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Lewis of Luxembourg
Archbishop of Rouen
Archdiocese Rouen
In office 1436–1443
Other posts Cardinal Bishop of Frascati and Bishop of Ely
Consecration by Renaud de Chartres, archbishop of Reims
Created Cardinal 18 December 1439
by Pope Eugenius IV
Rank Cardinal priest
Personal details
Died 18 September 1443
Buried Ely Cathedral
Parents John of Luxembourg, Lord of Beauvoir and Marguerite of Enghien

Lewis of Luxembourg (or Louis II de Luxembourg; died 1443) was an Archbishop of Rouen, Bishop of Ely, and Cardinal.[1]

He was a younger son of John of Luxembourg, Lord of Beauvoir and Marguerite of Enghien.

Lewis was elected archbishop of Rouen in 1436. He was the leading native administrator/collaborator with the Lancastrian regime in France. As its position weakened, his own fortunes and even personal safety became precarious. Although the city of Rouen did not fall to Charles VII of France until late 1449, well after Luxembourg's death, Henry VI's government had long ago decided he needed and deserved remuneration and status based more securely in England.[citation needed] Thus he was provided to Ely 'in commendam' on 27 September 1437.[2] This was the fifth wealthiest see in England, yet also amongst the smallest in terms of size or burden. He is not known ever to have visited it.[citation needed] He died on 18 September 1443.[2]


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