Liberty Central School District

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Liberty Central School
Liberty, New York 12754
United States
School type Public
Established 1925
Grades PreK-12
Language English
School colour(s) Red and White          
Mascot Indian
Team name Indians

The Liberty Central School District is located in Sullivan County, New York. The school consists of a High School and a Middle School, which are part of the same complex, and an Elementary School which is a separate building less than a mile away.

General information[edit]

The Liberty Elementary School was built in 1925 as a centralized location for education in the Liberty Area. Overcrowding was a major problem, as too many students were going there (there were at one point tents on the front lawn to accommodate classes). Overcrowding is still a problem after the district's Pre-K and Kindergarten school closed, so now the grades taught go from Pre-Kindergarten to 4th.[1]

In 1963, the current High School was built to accommodate the influx of students, and the upper-level students were moved there from the original school, while those in lower grades remained. There are approximately 600 students attending it from 9th to 12th grade making it Class B for sports. In addition to normal courses Liberty High School offers Advanced Placement and Distance Learning classes.[2]

Due to more crowding, the Liberty Middle School was built through efforts by then Superintendent Richard Beruk and opened in 1991 to hold students from grades 5 to 8.[3]

Beginning in 2009 major renovations began to all three schools in the district. Some renovations include a new media center and science labs in the high school as well as a complete overhaul to the entire elementary school. The middle school also received a new roof during these renovations.

Continuing these renovations, in May 19, 2015, a scaled-down version of the second phase of these renovations were approved after the full renovations were rejected on October 21, 2014.[4][5]

Team Sports hosted at Liberty Central[edit]

The Liberty Central school districts hosts various team sports which compete against other schools in the area; some examples: Sullivan West, Tri-Valley, O'Neill, Port Jervis, Monticello, etc...

Each season of the school year hosts different sports, these team seasons are Fall, Winter and Spring sports.

There are three groupings of sports based on the ages of the players. Modified, which will be referred to as "Mod." Junior Varsity, referred to as "JV". Varsity, referred to as "V".

Modified is grades seven and eight, Junior Varsity is grades nine(freshman) and ten(sophomore), and Varsity is grades eleven(Junior) and twelve(senior).

Certain sports are only accessible to girls or boys, this will be depicted by: B for just boys, G for just girls, and B/G for boys and girls.

Fall Sports: Soccer Mod., JV, V—B/G Football Mod., JV, V—B Tennis JV, V—G (Boys play in the Spring) Cross Country -- Mod., V—B/G (Cross Country includes all grades in those two groupings) Volleyball -- Mod., JV—G (Includes all grades in the two groupings) Cheerleading -- All grades --

Winter sports: Basketball Mod., JV, V—B/G Alpine Skiing V (Lower grades can prove worthy to do this sport through various tests) -- B/G Indoor Track(and field) -- All grades—B/G Cheerleading --All grades -- Wrestling Mod., V (All grades are included in these groupings) -- B

Spring Sports: Baseball -- Mod., JV, V—B Softball -- Mod., JV, V—G Track and Field -- Mod, V—B/G (All grades are included in this grouping.) Tennis -- V (All grades included) -- B (Girls play in the Fall)

Various events grouped under Track and Field

Campus Addresses[edit]

Liberty High School 125 Buckley St. Liberty, NY 12754

Liberty Middle School 145 Buckley St. Liberty, NY 12754

Liberty Elementary School 201 North Main St. Liberty, NY 12754


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