Lida Lee Tall

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Lida Lee Tall
Born 1873
Fishing Creek, Dorchester Co., Maryland
Died 1942
Occupation Principal, State Teachers College at Towson

Lida Lee Tall (1873-1942) was the sixth principal/president of State Teachers College at Towson (now Towson University).

Early life and education[edit]

Tall was born on November 17, 1873 in Fishing Creek, Maryland to Sarah E. and Washington Tall and educated in Baltimore's public schools, Dr. Tall earned her bachelor's degree at Columbia University and her doctorate at the University of Maryland.


Dr. Tall guided the institution through its major transition into a 4-year college. In 1935, the MSNS changed its name to the Maryland State Teachers College and implemented a four-year course leading to a bachelor of science degree. Under Dr. Tall's leadership, the college continued to expand and improve its programs, receiving national recognition for the quality of its programs and faculty. Of special interest to Dr. Tall was attracting good students to Towson and enriching their lives. She was active in the development of social and educational events and programs, promoted student government and numerous clubs and established the first honor society.

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