Lightning (Entertainment City)

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Kuwait Entertainment City
Park section International World
Coordinates 29°20′44″N 47°49′06″E / 29.345588°N 47.818209°E / 29.345588; 47.818209Coordinates: 29°20′44″N 47°49′06″E / 29.345588°N 47.818209°E / 29.345588; 47.818209
Status Closed
Opening date 2004
General statistics
Type Steel – Inverted
Manufacturer Bolliger & Mabillard
Designer Werner Stengel
Model Inverted Coaster
Lift/launch system Chain lift hill
Height 111 ft (34 m)
Length 2,562 ft (781 m)
Speed 53 mph (85 km/h)
Inversions 5
Lightning at RCDB
Pictures of Lightning at RCDB

Lightning is a steel inverted roller coaster located at Kuwait Entertainment City in Kuwait City. The ride opened in 2004 and was built by Swiss manufacturers Bolliger & Mabillard. Lightning's layout is identical to that of the Batman: The Ride clone that appears in many Six Flags parks in the United States. The coaster closed along with the park on June 6th 2016 and is currently Standing But Not Operating due to the park being closed for renovations.. [1]


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