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The Liken Series is a continuing musical based on events in the Old Testament and New Testament of the Bible, as well as stories from the Book of Mormon. The series is popular among many Latter-day Saint (LDS/Mormon) families.

Intended audience[edit]

According to the Liken website, "If you're concerned about what is going on in today's mainstream media, we think you'll like what you find here at Liken", because "we don't believe "family friendly" means it has to be boring." Further, "you'll find movies and music that will not only entertain your family, but uplift and inspire them as well."[1]


According to LDS Cinema Online, which reviews films from a Mormon perspective, "if you’re looking for spiritually challenging, deeply insightful cinema for adults, Liken is far from your ideal. Neither is any of these films a paragon of cinematic technique, acting, comedic or musical performance, etc. The films have their weaknesses to be sure", but "Whatever the case, the filmmakers have gotten something right. It’s a formula that catches kids’ attention and causes them to remember what they see".[2]

A Herald Extra writer wrote "From the beginning, the “Liken” films have been noted for their energetic, catchy music, which is a major element of “Jonah and the Great Fish."[3]


Characters are listed by movie release order. A full cast list is not included.


  • Spencer
  • Amelia
  • Devon
  • Chloe

Story Tellers[edit]

  • Spencer's Primary teacher.
  • Spencer's brother.
  • Amelia's Parents.
  • George (Butler to Amelia's family and later as Devon's Grandfather)
  • Amelia's choir teacher.
  • Missionaries
  • Chloe's Father.

Main characters[edit]


Release Dates[4]

Old Testament[edit]

Title "Dreamer" Story Teller Protagonists Antagonists Songs Release Date
David and Goliath Spencer Spencer's Dad David Goliath I’m Gonna Be King, The Lord Sees What’s Inside, It’s Not That Easy Being King, Give Me Just One Chance, I am David, The Lord Sees What’s Inside (Reprise), I Am Goliath, The Lord Is My Shepherd, One Smooth Stone, I Used To Be Like You, One Little Light, Is He The One 2005-03
Esther and the King Amelia Amelia's Mother Esther, Mordecai, King Ahasuerus, Most Servants Haman, Haman’s Wife, Some Servants There Is News, What More Could A King Want, Can You Love Me, Together, It’s Great To Be The King To Be, What Would I Give, A Little Bit More, Grateful, Can You Love Me (Reprise), There Is News (Finale) 2006-03
Daniel and the Lions Devon (First Appearance) George (Devon's Grandfather) Daniel, King Darius, Angel, Servants, Lions Other Presidents, Lions I Need Professional Help, You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down, Because Of Thee, Give Us A Break, Meat’s on the Menu Tonight, What Have I Done, Victory, Peace, I’m A Vegetarian Now, Because of Thee (Reprise) 2006-09
Jonah and the Great Fish Chloe (First Appearance) Chloe's Father (First Appearance) Jonah, The Great Fish, Small Fish Jonah, Sharks, Ninevites Whose Side Are You On?, Night of Nineveh, No Way, The Great Deep Blue, A Place Where I Belong, Because of You, Stout-Hearted Mariners, Thou Hast Brought Me Up, I'll Obey, A Heart That's Open 2011-11

New Testament[edit]

Title "Dreamer" Story Teller Protagonists Antagonists Songs Release Date
The First Christmas Amelia Amelia's Parents Angel Gabriel, Mary, Joseph, Jesus, Wisemen ??? Joy to the World, Everything We Need, A Hand To Hold, Blessed (Mary), The Handmaid of the Lord, My Soul Doth Magnify The Lord, Blessed (Joseph), A Hand To Hold (Reprise), A Place For Him, Glory To God, He’s Born, Finale 2005-11

Book of Mormon[edit]

Title "Dreamer" Story Teller Protagonists Antagonists Songs Release Date
Nephi And Laban Spencer Anderson (First Appearance) Spencer's Primary Teacher (First Appearance) Nephi, Lehi, Sam, Sarah Laban, Laman, Lemuel Life Could Not Be Better, His Arms Around You, I Love My Things, Here Waiting, Thy Arms Around Me (plus a Reprise & Ballad) 2003-09
Ammon and Lamoni Spencer Anderson McKay Anderson (First Appearance) Ammon, Abish, Lamoni, Servants Lamanite Robbers (Off-Screen), Brother of Robber’s Leader This Light / It’s Always Been this Way, A Mighty Change of Heart, I Know That I Must Change / A Mighty Change of Heart (Duet), We Are Dead, We’re Alive, Uprising, Finale 2004-09
Alma and King Noah's Court Amelia (First Appearance), Spencer (Offscreen) McKay Anderson (Missionary) & Companion (Not Speaking Part) Alma, Abinadi King Noah, Wicked Priests Just Say Yes (Performed & a Capella), Something More, We Are The Best / Turn Unto The Lord, It’s All Right, Turn Unto The Lord (Reprise), Turn Unto The Lord (2nd Reprise) / He Must Die, All He Asks Me / Something More (Reprise), Something More (2nd Reprise), All He Asks Me (Reprise), All He Asks Me (Finale). 2005-09
Samuel the Lamanite Amelia Amelia's Choir Teacher Samuel, Nephi, Lehi, Misc. People School’s Superintendent, N.A.C., Misc. People All’s Well in Zion, Lonely, The N.A.C., Look to the Light, His Love, Another Year, Enough, The Time Has Come, His Love (Reprise) 2006-09

Notable Cast[edit]

Name Occupation Best Known Movie Character
Alex Boye Actor/Singer * Private Perry in Saints and Soldiers: The Void
* Heavenly Host in Saturday's Warrior
* Singer specializing in both LDS music and popular songs (with an African twist)
David and Goliath Abinidab
Thurl Bailey Public Speaker/Broadcast Analyst/Actor/Singer * NBA player for the Utah Jazz (1983-1991; 1999) and the Minnesota Timberwolves (1991-1994) David and Goliath Goliath
Summer Naomi Smart Actress * Kerra McConnell in Passage to Zarahemla Esther and the King Esther
Larry Bagby Actor/Musician * Ernie/"Ice" in Hocus Pocus
* Marshall Grant in Walk the Line
Nephi and Laban Laman
Kaycee Stroh Actress/Singer/Dancer * Martha Cox in High School Musical, High School Musical 2, and High School Musical 3: Senior Year Ammon and Lamoni Dancer
Brady Bluhm Actor * Billy in 4C in Dumb and Dumber and Dumb and Dumber To
* Christopher Robin in three Winnie the Pooh films (1997-1999)
Alma and King Noah's Court Elder Johansen (non-speaking role)
Dallyn Vail Bayles Actor/Singer * Hyrum Smith in Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration

* Hyrum Smith in Emma Smith: My Story

Alma and King Noah's Court

The First Christmas

Esther and the King



King Ahasuerus

Casey Elliot[5] Singer/Actor •Member of Gentri music group Daniel and The Lion's Den Daniel


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