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Limon or Limón, Spanish for "lemon", may refer to:



  • Richarte Limón, an English explorer and conquistador, participated in the founding of Buenos Aires
  • José Limón (1908–1972), Mexican-born US modern dancer and choreographer
  • Marshall Limon (1915–1965), Canadian sprinter
  • Limon Staneci (1916–1991), journalist born in Yugoslavia
  • Mordechai Limon (1924–2009), fourth commander of the Israeli navy, serving from December 14, 1950 until July 1, 1954
  • Donald Limon (1932–2012), British public servant who served as Clerk of the House of Commons from 1994 to 1997
  • Graciela Limón (born 1938), Latina novelist
  • Martin Limón (born 1948), author, retired from United States Army
  • Carlos Madrazo Limón (born 1952), Mexican politician affiliated with the National Action Party.
  • Monique Limon (born 1953), French politician
  • Rafael Limón (born 1954), Mexican boxer
  • Javier Limón (born 1973), Spanish record producer, singer and songwriter
  • Harvey Limón (born 1975), Surinamese professional footballer
  • Ada Limón (born 1976), American poet
  • Iyari Limon (born 1976), American actress
  • Monique Limón (born 1979), American politician currently serving in the California State Assembly
  • Emilio Limón (born 1988), Surinamese international footballer
  • Michele Limon, Italian research associate and assistant professor of Physics and Astronomy at Columbia University
  • María Limón, born María de Socorro Limón Castro, is a Chicana writer, poet, and activist based in Austin,Texas

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