Limon Correctional Facility

Coordinates: 39°13′05″N 103°41′31″W / 39.217925°N 103.691990°W / 39.217925; -103.691990
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Limon Correctional Facility
Location49030 CO-71
Limon, Colorado
Security classmixed, including maximum
Managed byColorado Department of Corrections

The Limon Correctional Facility is a Level IV, mixed-custody Colorado state prison for men, located in Limon, Lincoln County, Colorado, owned and operated by the Colorado Department of Corrections.


The facility opened in 1991, and houses a stated maximum of 960 prisoners.[1]

Prisoner life[edit]


In 2019, a campus of the Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary was established in the prison. [2]


Limon houses some of the state's most dangerous inmates.

  • In 2001 42-year-old inmate David Alonzo slipped and fell in his cell, and was dead three days later from an infected arm injury.[3]
  • In October 2002, inmate Edward Montour Jr. beat correctional officer Eric Autobee to death in the facility's kitchen.[4]
  • On March 28, 2004, inmate Jeffrey Heird was stabbed to death multiple times by other inmates, two of whom were charged with the death penalty for the attack.[5]
  • On September 12, 2007, an inmate cut the throat of corrections officer Pam Kahanic with a box cutter knife. Kahanic survived the attack and was back at work within six weeks.[6]
  • Inmate Joshua Edwards died of undisclosed causes in early June 2015;[7] only at the end of August did autopsy results show that Edwards had been stabbed in the neck and strangled to death. [8]

Notable inmates[edit]


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39°13′05″N 103°41′31″W / 39.217925°N 103.691990°W / 39.217925; -103.691990