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Stagecoach InterConnect double-decker bus on St Catherine's, Lincoln, England

Lincolnshire InterConnect is a rural bus network in the county of Lincolnshire in the east of England.

A number of InterConnect-branded interurban bus routes with fixed timetables are complemented by demand-responsive, flexible CallConnect minibuses, on which journeys must be booked in advance. Many of the InterConnect services are provided by Stagecoach in Lincolnshire; most CallConnect services are run by services company Kier.[1]

InterConnect was first established in 1999, when the existing RoadCar "Connect 6" LincolnSkegness bus (introduced in 1998 as part of Route 6's rebrand) was rebranded and its service frequency increased.[2] CallConnect was established in 2001. The network and its services are subsidised by Lincolnshire County Council. Some services were scaled back in 2011–2012, following cuts to local government funding,[3] and reductions in the Bus Service Operators Grant fuel duty subsidy.[4][5]

List of InterConnect routes[edit]

Current routes[edit]

Route name Map colour[6] Destinations Route variants Operator Date introduced Timetable link Does it run on Sundays and Bank Holidays?
InterConnect 1 Orange Lincoln–Grantham Stagecoach in Lincolnshire November 2002 [3] Yes, 6 times each way between Lincoln and Grantham and hourly between Lincoln and Waddington.
InterConnect 5 Mid Blue Lincoln–Woodhall SpaBoston[7] Brylaine Travel July 2002 [4] No
InterConnect 6 [8] Yellow Lincoln–Horncastle /
6a[10] Stagecoach in Lincolnshire February 1999 [5] Yes, 5 times each way for the InterConnect 6, and hourly for the 6a.
InterConnect 7 Hot Pink Skegness–Boston X7[11] Stagecoach in Lincolnshire / Brylaine Travel March 2005 [6] No
InterConnect 9[12] Purple Skegness–Mablethorpe /
9a; 9b[13] Stagecoach in Lincolnshire March 2005 [7] Yes, 6 times each way between Skegness and Mablethorpe during the Summer season only.
InterConnect 37 Pale Pink SpaldingPeterborough Stagecoach in Peterborough May 2010 [8] Yes, 4 times each way.
InterConnect 51 Red Louth–Grimsby 51a; 51b; 51c[14] Stagecoach in Lincolnshire April 2006 [9] No
InterConnect 53[15] Green Lincoln–Market Rasen /
Market Rasen–Grimsby[9][16]
53a;[17] 53b[18] Stagecoach in Lincolnshire February 2004 [10] No
InterConnect 100 Light Blue Lincoln–Gainsborough /
Stagecoach in Lincolnshire April 2006 [11] No
InterConnect 505 Blue-green Spalding–King's Lynn Stagecoach in Norfolk February 2002 [12] Yes, every 60 minutes.

The various models of double-decker bus used by Stagecoach in Lincolnshire for its InterConnect services are painted in a special purple-and-gold livery which is different from the standard Stagecoach colour scheme.[19] Some buses have route-specific numbered branding, in particular the flagship InterConnect 6 service,[20] and a "Coastal Connect" brand used on the routes serving towns and villages on the Lincolnshire coast.[21] Buses from the other InterConnect operators tend to carry that operator's standard paint scheme. All the InterConnect branded bus routes have hourly services throughout the day Monday to Saturday (with the exception of Interconnect 505; that runs up to every 20 minutes) with some services running on Sundays and Bank Holidays too (but on a reduced timetable).

Former routes[edit]

Route name Destinations Operator Date introduced Date removed
InterConnect 5 Boston–Spalding Brylaine Travel July 2001  ?
InterConnect 18 (Rail Link) Lincoln–Sleaford–Spalding–Peterborough East Midlands Trains April 2011  ?
InterConnect X3 Lincoln–Newark Stagecoach in Lincolnshire June 2010 April 2011[22]
InterConnect 3 [23] Lincoln–Cleethorpes Stagecoach in Lincolnshire February 2004  ?
InterConnect 6x [24] Lincoln–Skegness (the quick way) Stagecoach in Lincolnshire July 2012 2014 [25]

CallConnect services[edit]

There are two kinds of CallConnect services – entirely demand-responsive 'dial-a-ride' services which serve an area with no fixed route or timetable, and semi-flexible services which run to a timetable but which deviate off the route to serve smaller villages. Journeys on CallConnect must be booked in advance over the telephone, by text message or online. CallConnect buses are designed to meet the fixed InterConnect services at designated 'interchange' points in the larger towns and villages.[26]

Through ticketing is available between some InterConnect routes and CallConnect services, and vice versa.[27] Through ticketing is also available between CallConnect buses in the Sleaford & Metheringham area, and East Midlands Trains rail services from Sleaford and Metheringham railway stations on the Peterborough to Lincoln Line.[28]

In 2011, Lincolnshire County Council reported a 23.5% increase in usage of CallConnect compared to the previous year.[29]

CallConnect areas[edit]

CallConnect services operate in 14 named areas across Lincolnshire (and extending into neighbouring counties) – only the city of Lincoln and its nearby villages, and the unitary authority of North East Lincolnshire are not covered by CallConnect. The areas covered are:[6]

Route number Area covered Operator Date introduced Timetable link
7B Boston Kier April 2011 [13]
15B Bourne Kier July 2008 [14]
53C Brigg, Caistor and Ridge PC Coaches February 2016 [15]
100G Gainsborough Kier April 2006 [16]
1G/1K Grantham, Newark & Kesteven Kier / other operators November 2002 (1G)
July 2008 (1K)
5C/6H Horncastle, Coningsby & Woodhall Spa Kier April 2001 (6H)
July 2002 (5C)
505H/505L Holbeach & Long Sutton Kier February 2002 [19]
51E/51N/51S Louth Kier / TC Minicoaches March 2004 (51N)
February 2005 (51S)
July 2008 (51E)
9M Mablethorpe & Alford Kier March 2005 [21]
3C/3M Market Rasen & Caistor TC Minicoaches February 2004 [22]
18M/18S Metheringham & Sleaford Kier April 2008 [23]
4P/4R/4S Peterborough, Rutland, Stamford & the Welland Vales[30] Kier September 2009 (4S)
April 2010 (4P)
July 2010 (4R)
9S Skegness Kier April 2011 [25]
16S Spalding Kier March 2009 [26]
6S/7W Spilsby & Wainfleet TC Minicoaches April 2001 (6S)
February 2005 (7W)

Semi-flexible CallConnect services[edit]

Route number Destinations Operator Date introduced Timetable link
3L/3X Louth–Binbrook–Market Rasen TC Minicoaches May 2011 [28]
6C Horncastle–Louth Kier April 2001 [29]
51M Louth–Manby Kier  ? [30]
65/65A Sleaford–Woodhall Spa–Horncastle Kier / Sleafordian Coaches  ? [31]
635 Sleaford-Cranwell Kier April 2013 [32]
H1 Horncastle town service Kier  ? [33]

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