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Linker or linkers may refer to:


  • Linker (computing), a computer program that takes one or more object files generated by a compiler or generated by an assembler and links them with libraries, generating an executable program or shared library
    • GNU linker, the classic GNU Project's implementation of the Unix linker command ld
  • Dynamic linker, the part of an operating system that loads and links the shared libraries for an executable program at run time



  • Linker DNA, the part of a genomic DNA strand that connects two nucleosomes
  • Polylinker or multiple cloning site, a short segment of DNA with many restriction sites
  • Signal transducing adaptor protein, proteins that provide mechanisms by which receptors can amplify and regulate downstream effector proteins
    • Linker of activated T cells, a protein in the biochemical signaling path transferring signals from T cell antigen receptors
    • B-cell linker, a human gene that encodes a linker protein related to B cells
  • Linker peptide, a flexible part of a peptide between relatively rigid structural domains.

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