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Lippe-Brake was a county located in Germany. It was created in 1613 following the death of Count Simon VI of Lippe with his realm being split between his three sons with his second son Otto receiving the territory of Lippe-Brake. On the death of Count Louis Ferdinand in 1709 Lippe-Brake was inherited by the senior Lippe-Detmold line.

Counts of Lippe-Brake (1613–1709)[1][edit]

Schloss Brake, Lemgo
  • Otto, Count 1613-1657 (1589–1657)
    • Casimir, Count 1657-1700 (1627–1700)
      • Rudolph, Count 1700-1707 (1664–1707)
    • Count Friedrich of Lippe-Brake (1638-1684)

To Lippe-Detmold in 1709.

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